Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Harry Potter's Last Breath

How's it going everyone,

After a long absence I am finally ready to start posting stuff. I won't post stuff everyday for awhile, this gives a chance for the people who don't know I'm back, to read some of my posts and catch up with them. Lets begin.

Everyone is freaking out about the Harry Potter movie still. I'm personally not a fan of the movie series, I find it kind of boring, but I'm not hating, it's not my kind of movie. Anyways, I'm hearing different mix of emotions on how Harry Potter died and how the movie ended. The way he did though, couldn't of been more predictable in my opinion. Aside from that, today's list will countdown my top ways Harry Potter should have died for my own sick pleasure............(awkward), Here's the list:

1. Shotgun Blast To The Face

2. The Falcon Punch

3. GODZILLA (enough said)

4. The classic Kung Fu move where they rip your heart out and show it to you before you die

5. His pet owl eats his face alive

6. Assassinated by another wizard who is tired of him being the "Star Pupil"

7. Giant Spider attack

8. Gets transported to a silent film and have a piano fall on his head

There's my top list of ways I would like to see Harry die, just for random enjoyment. Leave a comment of what you think and I'll see you next time.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Favourite TV Themes

Sad news folks, I'm moving to a new place and won't be able to post any new stuff for a while. I'm spending the better part of a week or so to pack my stuff, and move it to the new place. But don't worry, I leave you with two posts today, "Favourite TV Themes" and "Music Video of the Day." For the new followers, you can enjoy these current posts and the ones I posted in the past. I'll see you all very soon. Thanks for the support.

Having a favourite TV show is one thing, they can make us laugh and cry and entertain us in many ways. But an epic TV show is almost nothing, without an EPIC theme song to go with it. These are my top favourite TV theme songs. Here's the list (no specific order):

1. Happy Days theme

2. Duck Tales theme

3. Spiderman theme

4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme

5. Freaks and Geeks theme

6. Malcolm in the Middle theme

7. Pokemon theme (the first theme)

8. Hey Arnold theme

9. Animaniacs theme

10. Scooby-Doo theme (old version)

11. Archie's Weird Mysteries theme

Some shows might be missing, but these are the ones I remember singing along when the show came on.
What's your favourite TV theme song?

Enjoy and check out the second post; Music Video of the Day

Music Video of the Day

The music video of the day is from one of my favourite bands of all time, The Offspring. Their video for their song "The Kids Aren't Alright" is a classic to me. It is by far one of my favourite music videos to date. Their visual effects show us how to do it different, while still sending a message to whoever views it. If you don't like the band or the song, that's fine. But you got to give them some respect for giving us one hell of a video. Enjoy.

Leave a comment on what you think of the video.
What do you think the message is?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

World Wide Beaches

Oh how the whether sucks. I don't mean that it's too cold, but it's too f*** hot. In Toronto right now, the whether is almost or at 40 degrees C and it's a scorcher. I don't mind the hot whether, the thing that sucks is that when I start sweating, I won't stop. I drip more sweat than a faucet drips water. But enough of me grossing you all out, it's way to hot now.

The whether inspired me to to do a top best beaches to go to in the world. I finished reading this article and according to them, these are the best beaches to go to in 2011. I recommend you look them up and see what you think, it might make a nice little trip for the summer. Here's the list:

1. Beach: Anse Lazio
    Location: Seychelles

2. Beach: Sanur Beach
    Location: Bali

3. Beach: Hahei Beach
    Location: New Zealand

4. Beach: Ka'anapali
    Location: Maui, Hawaii

5. Beach: Cas Abao Beach
    Location: Curacao

6. Beach: Coronado Beach
    Location: San Diego, California

7. Beach: Santa Marta
    Location: Colombia

8. Beach: Santa Rosa Beach
    Location: Florida

9. Beach: Playa Norte
    Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

10. Beach: Monterrico
      Location: Guatemala

Do you like the beaches in the list?
Do you know a better beach?
Let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

So Cute, It Kills

Messing around with the wrong animals can be dangerous for your health. When we think of deadly animals, we think of snakes, bears, sharks, alligators, and even dinosaurs (just kidding). But, what about the other animals that we think of, mostly the harmless ones to the look. This is most dangerous, yet non-threatening looking animals. Here's the list:

1. The Hippo: These cute animals have been known to kill more than crocodiles in a year, more than 200 a year precisely. These animals have been known to run/ swim 30 miles an hour and go after almost anyone. Their teeth are huge, just about the size on a bowling pin or a human arm. The mouths are so large that they can bite a person into three pieces. That's one mean game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

2. The Platypus: These little creatures are strange looking. They look like a mix of a duck and a beaver with a few other spare parts from other animals. But these little cute things can mess you up bad. They have these little fang-like thing on it's hind legs that send a lethal dose of poison. This thing can really mess someone up and leave him/her with their muscles all f*** up, and putting you in the hospital.

3. The Chimpanzee: These animals have been known to share like 99.99% of our D.N.A and have been studied to be kind and gentle animals. Bullsh***, these animals may share some physical and facial similarities, but it can get pissed off just like us. They have really big teeth and have arms that are long and can have nearly superhuman strength. If you invade their space, they will mess you up like the Monkey Mafia.

4. The Dolphin: These harmless looking water mammals are cute to the snout and are majestic looking when swimming through the water. Plus not to mention they look beautiful when they soar in the air. That is until you agitate these little pricks and they f*** you up, literally. These animals have been known to rape unsuspected people, who have been caught swimming too close to these animals. Not only that, they can kill anyone who may seem like a threat to them, weather it be a dolphin or a human. An article has said that a dolphin was admiring a woman that was swimming and noticed a man that seemed to be a threat to her and the dolphin attacked the man and killed him. Don't F*** With Flipper.

5. The Swan: These beautiful looking birds are some of the most calm looking animals that you would see. They don't seem to do any harm when looked from afar and they seem not to mind the presence of others. But get too close and you risk losing something that is of importance to you i.e. a finger, an arm or something more if the men know what I'm talking about (OUCH!!!). Their only defence is their beak-like mouth that can pack a serious punch. If you see one, walk the other way cause chances are you will be a threat to them, and they will do something about it.

There are other cute animals that are not on this list, the reason for these animals being mentioned is because they come up a lot in conversation under this topic. Much like people, harmless looking doesn't always mean not dangerous.

Also check out yesterdays post and enjoy

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

T.V Movies

Over the years, movie productions have graced us with movies that will stand the test of time. But, there are also movies out there that were made from t.v shows that we've either grown up seeing, or watched some episodes of. Todays list will be about t.v shows that were turned into movies. Here's the list:

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: This cartoon series has been the childhood for most people growing up. The show was incredible with many different characters and it's many fighting scenes, that got you in trouble for imitating. Though the movies I found to be pretty good. The show produced four different movies which were good in my opinion (others might differ) and I think should be at least brought to attention when picking out a movie to see. I mean why not have a laugh or two.

2. Saturday Night Live: Yes Saturday Night Live, but not the show itself. There were two sketches that they had that had been made into movies and have done really well for themselves. These sketches that I'm talking about are The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World, two 90's classics. Each produced two of it's own movies (Wayne's World 1 and 2, The Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000), which I think are some of the classic parody movies out there.

3. Pokemon: The show, incredible. The movies, even more incredible. The t.v series was doing very well for itself, which produced a huge following which lead to multiple seasons being made of the show. In total, I've counted that there were about 12 different movies made based on the t.v series. But my favourite would have to be the first movie; Pokemon: The First Movie.

4. Mr.Bean: The show was a comedic classic, it had a middle age man (who did not speak for some reason) go out on adventures that he did not plan on having in the first place. It's what some would say as "Comedic Gold." The show was so popular, that whoever was making the episodes, had an idea to make Mr.Bean into a movie. There were two movies produced and they were pretty good to start with. The story lines were different compared to the show, but it held it's own and turned out to be pretty good movies.

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Do I need to explain how epic the show was. The first power rangers was the best show to see in the 90's with out a doubt. I recommend you see the show and see what you think. Anyways, just like the rest, they turned this classic show into a full length movie and it was pretty cool. It was pretty much like the show in the sense that there was an evil villain behind the turmoil that had to be defeated, and it was up to the power rangers to defeat him and save the world (or city). The movie was memorable and had its moments.

6. Jackass: A generation had just changed how they would watch television forever. When the Jackass crew came on the scene, their antics of stunts and pranks, filled the minds of a generation of kids. Their movies were essentially the same as the show on the basic ideas. The only difference was that the stunts were bigger, and the pranks were crueler. They managed to make three very funny movies at the expense of their bodies, for the entertainment of others. I think the reason why the movies did so well, was because in television land, there are more restrictions with what you can and cannot do. In the movie world, they're aren't as many restrictions as you would think. So Jackass had more freedom to do what they wanted.

7. Hey Arnold: This funny little cartoon was a classic old time cartoon that was enjoyed by kids like me, way back in the 90's or so. The movie that came out of it wasn't like some big budget movie, it was small and pretty much like the show. Simple is sometimes the best way to go, change too much of it, and you screw the whole thing up.

8. Spiderman: Although some might debate that it was the comic book first, then the movies, there was actually a cartoon series of spiderman that was as old as your parents. The show was pretty good, going along mostly from the comic book. Only until then, did we see the movies that came out today. The movies were great and kept us wanting more (to some at least). Sure they had some negative reviews, they are some good benefits to watching these movies. Although the complaint is that the movies don't follow the comic book at all, they are still some pretty cool movies to watch. I recommend you see some to see what I mean.

There are many more shows that were turned into movies out there, these are just some of my favourites that I enjoy watching, and maybe you seen these as well.

Also check out yesterdays post and enjoy

Monday, 18 July 2011

Comedian of the Day

First of sorry for not posting anything new the past few days, I had some stuff to do and it took some time.

In todays installment, the "Comedian of the Day" goes to a person who has a real gift for making people laugh in his own way. This person not only tells jokes to an unsuspected audience, but he also does it in lyrical fashion. That is, he preforms raps while adding his own comedic touch to them. The person I am talking about if some don't know is Bo Burnham.

Bo Burnham started his fame to comedic success like how many of todays artists start their path, by posting videos on YouTube in his bedroom. The man is a comedic genius with the clever lyrics that he uses in his acts. Some of his stuff may seem offensive to some, but you gotta pay a price for being a master at your trade sometimes now or later.

Here's one of his most recant comedic songs now:

What are your thoughts on this man being the "Comedian of the Day"

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Epic Battles: Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees

For those that don't know, these are two of the most iconic slasher villains of all time possibly. The dispute for some is, who would win in a battle to the finish between these men. The movie that came out (Freddy vs Jason) did not really answer any questions due to the fact that Freddy was still alive at the end, he was headless, but still mostly alive. The argument is that Jason won that battle, but then that is debatable. Some have said that it was a tie, and that sometime in the future a second movie will be made and that will break any conflict (not just for that reason another movie would be made). Here are some stats about our contenders:

Jason Voorhees
Height: 6ft. 3in.
Weight: 240lbs.
Signature weapon(s): Machete
Other: Can't die, is mostly indestructible, very strong

Freddy Krueger
Height: 5ft. 10in.
Weight: 155lbs.
Signature weapon(s): Knives for fingers (altered right hand glove)
Other: The ability to go into dreams and kill you in your dreams, as well as some melee attacks

Both villains are really different and there are no real comparisons. The final question is, Who Would Win?

*Note: I would say that Jason Voorhees would win because of some minor facts. Jason although taller and heavier, he is much stronger than Freddy. But, that can be good or bad for many different reasons. Freddy's true powers can't be fully reached unless Jason was asleep, so I think that's one flaw towards Freddy's capability. Next, if by any chance Freddy loses his right arm, he is powerless, except for some minor fighting skills, but if Jason were to lose his right arm, he can still be the same powerhouse he was before.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pure Evil Favourites

The talk around comics or sci-fi is "What is your favourite Superhero." That all good and well, but what about the little guys. What about the the people who make the heroes, well heroes. This is my top favourite Super Villains that I think deserve a little bit more recognition. Here's the list:

1. The Joker (DC Comics): Strange man, with the appearance that can send chills down any man's (or woman's) spine. He is a homicidal maniac that will leave a path of destruction right behind him. I like this character because of his attitude. He's got some kind of, "PRICK" or "DOUCHE" kind of element when it comes to villains.

2. Deadpool (Marvel Comics): This man can be debatable weather or not he is a villain or not. I believe he is due to the fact that he does go into combat with others for the sick pleasure, or for revenge. Other than that I feel that he deserves to be on this list. His attitude is somewhat like The Joker's which makes me love him to death.

3. Venom (Marvel Comics): What's to explain, visually he looks like an alien from another planet set out to cause pain and destruction where ever he is (or for whoever gets in his way). Super strong and super insane, this man is someone you would not like to mess with.

4. Count Dracula (Part of History): This one is different from the typical "villain" that some might think of. He is much more darker, but he has unholy powers. Super strength, super speed and the ability not to die. He is portrayed in many ways in t.v and movies, so the best one is debatable. I am not sure which I like more, but this man still deserves to be in the list.

5. Mysterio (Marvel Comics): One of my favourite anti-heroes towards spiderman. I'm really into magic and the whole illusion thing, which is why this man is my favourite. There are many other villains that use magic as their main ability, but this villain is my favourite.

6. Rhino (Marvel Comics): Brute force and power is this man's calling card. He can take down walls, doors and buildings with the simple step of a charge. This man doesn't have to sneak his way into a bank, he crushes his way into one. No man will dare to step into his way (except maybe spiderman).

7. Sub-zero (Mortal Kombat): I don't know how to explain on what this man really is. All I can say in little words is "EPIC." His ability to manipulate ice and water is iconic and amazing. Silent, but deadly.

8. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): Much like Sub-zero, description on what he is, is unknown to me. But, what he can do is unbelievable. The ability to manipulate fire is quite exquisite. As well he has that thing that comes out of his hand that really does a thing on somebodies livelihood.

9. Harley Quinn (DC Comics): The only female on this list (not being sexist). All the other ones are a bit to much on the sexy side (nothing wrong with that), and although deadly in their own way, this female of turmoil is my favourite. Pretty much the same attitude like The Joker, she can leave her own path of destruction behind her. Possibly, you can call her a "Homicidal Maniac" like the Joker.

*Note: The villains in the list are just some that I know. There are others as well out there that I haven't mentioned (and ones I don't know).

Question: Do you have a favourite villain weather it's a t.v character, or movie, or even comic book style. Is it on the list, is it not?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Villain of the Day

Today's "of the Day" is a special one to all comic nerds out there. This is the "Villain of the Day," which goes to the comic/cartoon/ movie character "The Joker". As such, this crazy sadistic man of infamy is quite possibly, and quite debatable, "THE" Batman Villain of all time. His antics will kill any one who dares step in his way, and his humor will leave a trail of disaster across any city he may pass through. I mean, just look at Gotham City and what it has become due to the Jokers behaviour.

The creators of this iconic man of evil, were Bill Finger and Bob Kane with concept help by Jerry Robinson. This character can be seen across many different publications of Batman comics by DC Comics. The Joker's first appearance in the Batman comics can actually be seen in Batman #1 which was published in 1940 (that is way before any of us were born). Since then, this man of insanity has appeared in numerous Batman type movies, comics, and t.v shows.

As long as the Sun goes up and the Moon goes down, the Joker will forever be one of the greatest villians to a superhero ever.

Question: Should Joker really be "Villian of the Day" or should that prize title be named to someone else. What was your favourite comic/ t.v/ movie villian of all time. Personally, my favourite is the Joker.

Monday, 11 July 2011

TV Classics

Growing up was fun, especially in the mornings when your favourite t.v show would play. Now to me, I grew up in the 90's so t.v shows where completely different than from today. But to us, those were simpler times, nothing to think about except eating, sleeping, being good (sometimes) and watching your favourite shows. That was fun, unfortunately, that was in the past and t.v show quality has gone down hill since then.

We (or some that were in the same age as me) grew up watching cartoons that were special to us growing up. It taught some about life, love, hate and how to be little jerks to our parents. Those were good times. Except today, we are exposed to the worst piece of "BUFFALO SH**" ever. Yeah we might be too old to see cartoons, but we would not waste our time with some of the sorry excuse for t.v entertainment today. Cartoons have lost the passion to be funny, and the non-cartoons shows are just terrible. To me, in this case, t.v might be the problem why some kids today are idiots (no offence). I think the networks should stop focusing on what they think is good, and look towards experience from the older generation to see what they liked. You never know, kids of today might enjoy the stuff we watched when we were kids. As a tribute, here are some of the cartoons that might of been watched by some from the good old days (man that remark made me feel old). Here's the list:

- Pokemon (the first seasons version)
- CatDog
- 2 Stupid Dogs
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (pick which version you like)
- The Angry Beavers
- Darkwing Duck
- Duck Tales (what an epic theme song that show had)
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the best version by far ever)
- Animaniacs
- Pinky and the Brain
- Rocko's Modern Life
- AHHHH!, Real Monsters
- Sonic Underground
- Rugrats
- Ren & Stimpy
- Johnny Bravo
- The Tick
- Dexter's Laboratory
- Ed, Edd and Eddy
- Animal Crackers
- Beavis and Butthead
- Captain Planet
- Courage the Cowardly Dog
- Cow and Chicken
- Doug
- Dragonball Z (the first few seasons)
- Duckman
- Freakazoid
- Mortal Kombat (the cartoon version)
- Tiny Toon Adventures
- Beetlejuice (the cartoon version)
- Hey Arnold
- Gargoyles
- Beast Wars Transformers
- Earthworm Jim
- The Magic School Bus
- The Maxx
- Spiderman (fox kids version)
- Reboot
- Beetleborgs

This list can go on forever, but for now we got some awesome classics in this list. If feel kinda bad that our children won't be able to enjoy the kinda shows we used to see and enjoy when we were kids.

Question: What's was your favourite childhood show, is it on the list, is it something that no one has seen before?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Card Game Fad

Aw, the memories of being in elementary school and middle school. The friends, the games (the enemies). Everything that makes school at that age fun. But, there is one thing that made school so memorable, that you would never forget it. That's right, I'm talking about,  The Card Game Fad. I mean almost every school I assume had a fad, but I believe no school has had as a gigantic fad like these card games. And what card games you say are the heavy hitters, they are: Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Schools were torn apart from these plastic/ cardboard (or whatever they are made of) cards, and things went to chaos.

I remember at my old schools that people would freak out, and see who is the best card player. For my school, it started with Digimon. Then went to Pokemon, and then lastly to Yu-Gi-Oh (the king of school yard card games).

Digimon: This card game didn't last long at my school, the show was pretty cool, which had a mini following. When the card game came out, kids would buy them on a flash and studied and practiced, all to make their buddies look foolish and to be known as the best player. Unfortunately, the Pokemon show was also on the air and when the cards came out, it spilled the end for the Digimon era in the school yard. This fad only lasted for about a year.

Pokemon: This card game lasted much longer at my school, it had it's ups and downs but had a strong following. The show was every little kid's wet dream. The concept and the idea of having these magical contraptions (poke-balls) that held mystical monsters, and set them up for battle, was something that everyone wanted to be apart of. The card game I found confusing, but to others, it was like their drug. They knew what they were doing and wanted no BS from others. I've seen kids that were upset because when they lost, and they would give up one of their strongest cards to the winner, and that felt like getting punched in the gut. Yes, the Pokemon fad was huge, that is until the contender stepped into the battle field.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Translation = No F*** Clue. What it should mean = the demise of the school yard. This some-what simple card game turned into the biggest fad I had ever seen in schools. The show was iconic. Playing cards that summoned these unholy monsters, and they attacked with such passion, that the card holder would look insane when attacking. Then.... the card game was born. Schools where lining up to the closes store that had these cards, lunch money used on playing cards rather than lunch, it was crazy. But all that was just a distraction for what was really happening. When battles were done, losers gave up their strongest cards, which pissed the sh*** out of some. Friends turned on each other just because they lost or accused the other  player of cheating. I've seen cards being sold to kids, and I've seen them being stolen from other kids. Some had the audacity of having FAKE cards and using them and trading them (for better cards) and even selling them to others, only to pissed them off later once they found out about it. This small innocent card game, I've seen being "BAND" from my school numerous times because of what has happened. This fad followed me even towards middle school, which is where I got interested and got a deck of my own. It wasn't as bad as it was when I was in elementary school, but the back story of the beginning of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards era, will still be a messed up.

All this happened on a personal basis, but what do you think. Did your school have these card games fads. Or did they have other fads.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

D-Bag of the Day

This is the first installment of the "of the day" category. This first addition is a reflection on the "Douche Bag of the Day," which this goes to the deserving Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto.

Now why is Rob Ford the "Douche Bag of the Day," because he has refused to participate in the Gay Pride parade. He became the only mayor in many years to not attended the festival/ parade and the public is pissed. He has said excuses like family is more important, and that he would rather spend the weekend on a camping trip (or something like that) rather than attend the festivities. That may be true, but he has refused any interview time and he seems to just brush it off. I mean, he can still spend time with family, but he won't spend like 5 minutes just to support. The Gay Community is not impressed by Mayor Ford's decision, and are appalled by it. Years of the Gay Community finally getting the respect they wanted and the freedom, and Mayor Ford screws it all up for the rest. The party went on, but not without a mini-sour taste, knowing of the man that is supposed to be representing Toronto.

All I gatta say is, Mayor Ford, come on man, it's 2011. Suck it up and be supportive towards it. There is no room for hating in this country (not today anyways). So calm the F*** up. I live in Toronto, and this doesn't look good for him.

: What do you think of it, and where Ford stands on the situation.
: Does he deserve the Douche Bag of the Day?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Top Favourite Bands

Alright, music is a big part of everyone's life. It can cheer us up, relieve us of boredom, or pump us up for an epic battle (like video games). We all got our favourite bands/ musicians/ singers, and we also got our favourite songs. These are some bands that I enjoy just a little bit more than the rest. Here's the list (no particular order):

1. AC/DC
2. Black Sabbath
3. Def Leppard
4. Iron Maiden
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Metallica
7. Motorhead
8. The Ramones
9. Sum 41 (rookie years)
10. Limp Bizkit
11. Linkin Park (Nu Metal years)
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. The Offspring
14. Bad Religion
15. NOFX
16. Korn
17. Godsmack
18. Billy Talent
19. Megadeth
20. Disturbed
21. Ozzy Osbourne
22. Anthrax

*Note: There are other bands that I know that have good songs, this list depicts the bands that I have an enormous collection of songs by them, also they are the bands that I enjoy the most.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Top Video Games

Much like picking your favourite movie, picking out your favourite video game(s) can be the hardest (for some). These can be games from your childhood like from NES or Nintendo 64, to more newer consoles like GameCube or PlayStation 1, to more recent PlayStation 3, X-box 360 and Nintendo Wii. I thought about it hard, and out of all my years of video games, these "might" be my favourite ones. Here's the list (no specific order):

1. WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64: 2000)

2. WWF WrestleMania 2000 (Nintendo 64: 1999)

3. GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64: 1997)

4. ATV Offroad Fury 2 (PlayStation 2: 2002)

5. Tony Hawk's Underground (PlayStation 2: 2003)

6. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (PlayStation 2: 2005)

7. inFamous (PlayStation 3: 2009)

8. Brutal Legend (PlayStation 3: 2009)

*Note: There are a lot of honorable mentions that are missing, like the rest of the Tony Hawk series, the rest of the WWF/WWE series, and the God of War series, and the Guitar Hero series. There are also some I haven't got the privilege of playing, and plus some time has passed and I have forgotten some of the the past games I've owned/ played. This might not be an official list, but it is a starting point.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Annoying Moments in Video Games Part.2

The second instalment of the the list that everyone can relate to. These are some more annoying moments in videos games that you may (or already have) experienced. Here's the list:

1. When playing single player campaign, you can have the time of your life. Until you die, cause then you realize that you have to start right back from the beginning. That's right, you don't get a check point and you have to do the entire thing again. I know that this is especially popular in older game consoles like NES, or maybe Nintendo 64, but it's a fad that seems to find it's way in some of our favourite games. And sure there may be check points in the game, but they are just too far away and you gotta go like half way through the actual stage to just get your first check point. It's totally nuts, and can be very frustrating at times as well.

2. So you got your buddy over and you play some of your favourite split screen games to pass some time. You know where I'm going with this, that's right, you take a look at your buddy and you see him take a peek at your screen, thus exposing the truth on how he knows where you always are. Like why, sure you can't help but to peek by accident, but to use it as a strategy to beat someone, that's total bullsh***. Screen watching is for people who just want to piss other people off.

3. This is directed towards a combat sort of way (multiplayer most common). I'm talking about when you play games like Super Smash Bro. or Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat. The problem is when your opponent use the same move over and over and over again. To make matters worse, it doesn't have to be a good "move" it can merely be just punching or just dodging a lot, it doesn't matter it's annoying as f*** and you want to give your partner your own "FATALITY" to make him stop.

4. There are some games out there (consoles) that support two player campaign, and you think that it would be fun to try it, but your only walking into a pit of f*** when your partner pisses the hell outta you. I'm talking about how your partner is so impatient that he leaves and screws up the camera view and then all of a sudden, you die. The camera croaks, and you die, WTF. But maybe it's not the camera that screws up, maybe it's the fact that your partner wants to finish the game way to early and goes on without you, just to end up dying because he couldn't wait the f*** up. What an idiot. So you have to be the one to clean up the mess.

5. Online gamers can be the worst. And not so much that they suck, but because they leave for sucking. I mean tough it out, wait for the game to end (you might get better) and go on from there. Call of Duty I think is notorious for this (maybe Halo players too). I suck when it comes to online gaming, but I don't leave because I occasionally get better as the game progress, but some players don't want to bare the 0-5 record they have and just leave. What a waste.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Top Movie Picks

I've seen a lot of movies over the years, and you all can agree that picking your favourite movie can be tough. So here is a list of some that I just enjoy a little bit more than the rest. Here's the list:

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): I love this movie, it tells a story of a man in turmoil and his path to happiness. The story is dark with some lighter sides to it too. The story line is awesome and I can't get enough of this movie.

2. Jackass 1,2, and 3 (2002, 2006, 2010): Loved the show, loved the movies even more. Their antics are not only memorable, but crazy and funny at the same time. Their bodily harm for entertainment is nothing but a stroke of genius.

3. The Punisher (2004): An awesome movie with big explosions, epic fights, and lots and lots and lots of weaponry. The story of a man sent out on vengeance is epic, and shows that anyone, given the right reason, will kill or retaliate for a loved one.

4. Idle Hands (1999): Funny and a good "Stoner" movie in my opinion. It has almost everything of a classic 90's story. Boy likes hot girl next door neighbor, but to nervous to say anything about it. Drug and alcohol references, demonic spirits, epic death scenes, and the Offspring as special guest. One word "EPIC."

5. Tenacious D: and the Pick of Destiny (2006): Funny movie, epic music being played, and can kinda relate to some who are trying to become musicians themselves. Someone to tell you that you aren't good enough, someone to forbid it, band fights, (BONGS GALORE), and, again, epic music. This movie so really relate able, that it can become a classic.

So those are my top favourite movies of all time. Kinda mixed up in years, but to me are considered as classics within their genres.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Getting Splashed Sucks

One of every ones "pet pevs" is getting splashed with water by an on coming vehicle. I mean your walking down the side walk minding your own business, when some a**h** drives over like the biggest puddle and showers you in disgusting water. You know that that person is aware and sees it ahead, but the person does nothing to avoid it. So your wet, pissed off, and you got nothing to do but wave a finger at the direction of the driver and mouth off a bit. Then walk home drenched in water.

But not all is lost in this situation. There has been word that if an on coming vehicle drives over a puddle and splashes you in the process, that you can legally sue that person. Just copy down the licence plates and call the police (I assume), and await for your revenge (*Insert Evil Laugh Here*). But, I know that this can happen if you are a resident of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I don't know if this law applies to any other countries, cities or states. But the next time you get splashed, copy the plates down and call in and see/hear what happens. Maybe next time you see that person, he'll be in court (maybe).

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Annoying Moments in Video Games Part.1

Over the years, videos games have been there for us, both in the ups and the downs of your social life. It's a fantasy land where we can escape to a different place and enjoy what is fake and forget reality. A yes, video games can be good, safe, fun.... But then there are moments that completely F*** with you and all of a sudden the game you once loved, becomes the very thing that pisses you off and makes you go on a rampage. Here is a list:

1. When you die in multiplayer games (online - offline), you got some little sh** who decides to do the worst thing imaginable. Not only does he kill you, but he has the audacity to teabag you in the face while your dead body lies motionless on the ground. Nothing you can do but to watch the horror until you respawn.

2. Special powers, throwing weapons (like knives) or the occasional fist fights are fun and awesome to use when faced with impossible situations. But, it's complete bullsh*** when these said things don't work while in the most critical situations. Either the button doesn't respond with the game, or the "power" you once thought to be good, turns out to be the worst thing to use when it comes to that particular situation. Sometimes your better off with no weapons at all.

3. Cutscenes are filled with excitement and can tell an amazing story with whats up ahead in the adventure. But, after you die and die and die and die during gameplay because you just can't be that boss or stage, it would be a good thought to skip the cutscene and continue with your battle. But no, that's not ganna happen cause some cutscenes can't be skipped and you are "forced" to watch it over and over and over again to the point that it taunts you like, "That's right, you suck at this game you will see me again and again forever, there is no escape." So then you quit the game and save it for next time.

4. LAG

5. Video games love to tease you like hell. Through personal experience, when ever you got that one last mission to find, that one last goal to achieve, that one last object to find, sometimes takes you forever to find and makes you want to punch your system for being a little prick. It took me once two days to find that last shard in "inFAMOUS." And if you don't go in some particular order, then videos online or maps will never help you. Your are pretty much screwed and you are force to waste time to find something that should been done hours (or days) ago.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Men Can Improve Their Pain Tolerance Threshold

Researches at a University have studied and tested around with pain tolerance and see what can be done to improve people's threshold towards it. They researched and tested their theories and have come up with an assumption. They have tested that men can improve their pain tolerance threshold by a large margin. These researches have studied and tested two factors to which men can improve their pain threshold tolerance. The first one is swearing while you are exposed to pain physically (like in a fight for example). This has proven to work out, but it only improves your threshold for pain by a small margin, only 20 or so percent. The second solution has been tested to be the best method of all methods out there. Studies show that if ,when in a fight for example, men can visualize of a fantasy about women in a sexual manner (sorry ladies), which improves their pain threshold by an astonishing 200 per cent. So, why does thinking of "sex" help lower your pain tolerance? This is because a section of your brain where it registers pain, gets interrupted by the "sexual fantasy," thus instead of feeling pain, you feel the "lust" of getting it on with a woman. But, this got me thinking if the same can be said towards women. ""Don't Try This At Home""

Now all that can be true or not, seems researchers have a lot of time on their hands (besides curing diseases I guess) and doing things for the "Just To Keep An Open Mind On" category. I haven't been in too many fights (none actually) but this is something that would seem interesting to view from a "First Eye" perspective. But I don't recommend you going out and picking fights with random people (seriously don't).

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Candidate for the "EPIC FAIL" award

A 65 year old woman has failed her driving test 775 times. Reasons for this is because the woman's line of work requires her to drive a truck and have her license, thus, she "attempts" to pass her driving test, only to have failed it many, many, many, times. Her attempts have cost her an astonishing $6,000 + of her own money. Adding insult to injury to her already beating ego, the woman stated to reporters that, "It takes an average of about five years to pass the test." Which the reporters responded, "That's not true, people usually pass it in a week."

I don't want to hate on this woman, she is older and maybe she can't do some of the required test criteria that is required to pass the test. But seriously, if you failed that many times, there should be a line drawn somewhere to say "STOP." What's the old saying, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." Should be, "Failed once shame on you, failed 775 are you f*** stupid (sorry for being harsh).