Saturday, 2 July 2011

Annoying Moments in Video Games Part.1

Over the years, videos games have been there for us, both in the ups and the downs of your social life. It's a fantasy land where we can escape to a different place and enjoy what is fake and forget reality. A yes, video games can be good, safe, fun.... But then there are moments that completely F*** with you and all of a sudden the game you once loved, becomes the very thing that pisses you off and makes you go on a rampage. Here is a list:

1. When you die in multiplayer games (online - offline), you got some little sh** who decides to do the worst thing imaginable. Not only does he kill you, but he has the audacity to teabag you in the face while your dead body lies motionless on the ground. Nothing you can do but to watch the horror until you respawn.

2. Special powers, throwing weapons (like knives) or the occasional fist fights are fun and awesome to use when faced with impossible situations. But, it's complete bullsh*** when these said things don't work while in the most critical situations. Either the button doesn't respond with the game, or the "power" you once thought to be good, turns out to be the worst thing to use when it comes to that particular situation. Sometimes your better off with no weapons at all.

3. Cutscenes are filled with excitement and can tell an amazing story with whats up ahead in the adventure. But, after you die and die and die and die during gameplay because you just can't be that boss or stage, it would be a good thought to skip the cutscene and continue with your battle. But no, that's not ganna happen cause some cutscenes can't be skipped and you are "forced" to watch it over and over and over again to the point that it taunts you like, "That's right, you suck at this game you will see me again and again forever, there is no escape." So then you quit the game and save it for next time.

4. LAG

5. Video games love to tease you like hell. Through personal experience, when ever you got that one last mission to find, that one last goal to achieve, that one last object to find, sometimes takes you forever to find and makes you want to punch your system for being a little prick. It took me once two days to find that last shard in "inFAMOUS." And if you don't go in some particular order, then videos online or maps will never help you. Your are pretty much screwed and you are force to waste time to find something that should been done hours (or days) ago.


  1. Interesting post, thanks guy!

  2. Unfortunately for me, ordinary or everyday life is just as annoying and/or humiliating, as many of the video game scenarios you mentioned about. :( he he