Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Annoying Moments in Video Games Part.2

The second instalment of the the list that everyone can relate to. These are some more annoying moments in videos games that you may (or already have) experienced. Here's the list:

1. When playing single player campaign, you can have the time of your life. Until you die, cause then you realize that you have to start right back from the beginning. That's right, you don't get a check point and you have to do the entire thing again. I know that this is especially popular in older game consoles like NES, or maybe Nintendo 64, but it's a fad that seems to find it's way in some of our favourite games. And sure there may be check points in the game, but they are just too far away and you gotta go like half way through the actual stage to just get your first check point. It's totally nuts, and can be very frustrating at times as well.

2. So you got your buddy over and you play some of your favourite split screen games to pass some time. You know where I'm going with this, that's right, you take a look at your buddy and you see him take a peek at your screen, thus exposing the truth on how he knows where you always are. Like why, sure you can't help but to peek by accident, but to use it as a strategy to beat someone, that's total bullsh***. Screen watching is for people who just want to piss other people off.

3. This is directed towards a combat sort of way (multiplayer most common). I'm talking about when you play games like Super Smash Bro. or Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat. The problem is when your opponent use the same move over and over and over again. To make matters worse, it doesn't have to be a good "move" it can merely be just punching or just dodging a lot, it doesn't matter it's annoying as f*** and you want to give your partner your own "FATALITY" to make him stop.

4. There are some games out there (consoles) that support two player campaign, and you think that it would be fun to try it, but your only walking into a pit of f*** when your partner pisses the hell outta you. I'm talking about how your partner is so impatient that he leaves and screws up the camera view and then all of a sudden, you die. The camera croaks, and you die, WTF. But maybe it's not the camera that screws up, maybe it's the fact that your partner wants to finish the game way to early and goes on without you, just to end up dying because he couldn't wait the f*** up. What an idiot. So you have to be the one to clean up the mess.

5. Online gamers can be the worst. And not so much that they suck, but because they leave for sucking. I mean tough it out, wait for the game to end (you might get better) and go on from there. Call of Duty I think is notorious for this (maybe Halo players too). I suck when it comes to online gaming, but I don't leave because I occasionally get better as the game progress, but some players don't want to bare the 0-5 record they have and just leave. What a waste.