Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Card Game Fad

Aw, the memories of being in elementary school and middle school. The friends, the games (the enemies). Everything that makes school at that age fun. But, there is one thing that made school so memorable, that you would never forget it. That's right, I'm talking about,  The Card Game Fad. I mean almost every school I assume had a fad, but I believe no school has had as a gigantic fad like these card games. And what card games you say are the heavy hitters, they are: Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Schools were torn apart from these plastic/ cardboard (or whatever they are made of) cards, and things went to chaos.

I remember at my old schools that people would freak out, and see who is the best card player. For my school, it started with Digimon. Then went to Pokemon, and then lastly to Yu-Gi-Oh (the king of school yard card games).

Digimon: This card game didn't last long at my school, the show was pretty cool, which had a mini following. When the card game came out, kids would buy them on a flash and studied and practiced, all to make their buddies look foolish and to be known as the best player. Unfortunately, the Pokemon show was also on the air and when the cards came out, it spilled the end for the Digimon era in the school yard. This fad only lasted for about a year.

Pokemon: This card game lasted much longer at my school, it had it's ups and downs but had a strong following. The show was every little kid's wet dream. The concept and the idea of having these magical contraptions (poke-balls) that held mystical monsters, and set them up for battle, was something that everyone wanted to be apart of. The card game I found confusing, but to others, it was like their drug. They knew what they were doing and wanted no BS from others. I've seen kids that were upset because when they lost, and they would give up one of their strongest cards to the winner, and that felt like getting punched in the gut. Yes, the Pokemon fad was huge, that is until the contender stepped into the battle field.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Translation = No F*** Clue. What it should mean = the demise of the school yard. This some-what simple card game turned into the biggest fad I had ever seen in schools. The show was iconic. Playing cards that summoned these unholy monsters, and they attacked with such passion, that the card holder would look insane when attacking. Then.... the card game was born. Schools where lining up to the closes store that had these cards, lunch money used on playing cards rather than lunch, it was crazy. But all that was just a distraction for what was really happening. When battles were done, losers gave up their strongest cards, which pissed the sh*** out of some. Friends turned on each other just because they lost or accused the other  player of cheating. I've seen cards being sold to kids, and I've seen them being stolen from other kids. Some had the audacity of having FAKE cards and using them and trading them (for better cards) and even selling them to others, only to pissed them off later once they found out about it. This small innocent card game, I've seen being "BAND" from my school numerous times because of what has happened. This fad followed me even towards middle school, which is where I got interested and got a deck of my own. It wasn't as bad as it was when I was in elementary school, but the back story of the beginning of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards era, will still be a messed up.

All this happened on a personal basis, but what do you think. Did your school have these card games fads. Or did they have other fads.


  1. So much time spent on Pokemon :/

  2. haha! don't play any of these :p
    nice one though.

  3. i was an MTG (Magic The Gathering) player before, i miss those days.


  4. Yu-Gi-Oh was the best tcg ever, idd!

  5. Pokemon was pro. YUGIOH was faggotry

  6. I remember those days when I would play with Yu-Gi-Oh cards fun times.