Monday, 18 July 2011

Comedian of the Day

First of sorry for not posting anything new the past few days, I had some stuff to do and it took some time.

In todays installment, the "Comedian of the Day" goes to a person who has a real gift for making people laugh in his own way. This person not only tells jokes to an unsuspected audience, but he also does it in lyrical fashion. That is, he preforms raps while adding his own comedic touch to them. The person I am talking about if some don't know is Bo Burnham.

Bo Burnham started his fame to comedic success like how many of todays artists start their path, by posting videos on YouTube in his bedroom. The man is a comedic genius with the clever lyrics that he uses in his acts. Some of his stuff may seem offensive to some, but you gotta pay a price for being a master at your trade sometimes now or later.

Here's one of his most recant comedic songs now:

What are your thoughts on this man being the "Comedian of the Day"


  1. Well welcome back, it was weird not hearing back from you. Awesome video btw it was funny ").

  2. Welcome back and awesome video!