Saturday, 9 July 2011

D-Bag of the Day

This is the first installment of the "of the day" category. This first addition is a reflection on the "Douche Bag of the Day," which this goes to the deserving Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto.

Now why is Rob Ford the "Douche Bag of the Day," because he has refused to participate in the Gay Pride parade. He became the only mayor in many years to not attended the festival/ parade and the public is pissed. He has said excuses like family is more important, and that he would rather spend the weekend on a camping trip (or something like that) rather than attend the festivities. That may be true, but he has refused any interview time and he seems to just brush it off. I mean, he can still spend time with family, but he won't spend like 5 minutes just to support. The Gay Community is not impressed by Mayor Ford's decision, and are appalled by it. Years of the Gay Community finally getting the respect they wanted and the freedom, and Mayor Ford screws it all up for the rest. The party went on, but not without a mini-sour taste, knowing of the man that is supposed to be representing Toronto.

All I gatta say is, Mayor Ford, come on man, it's 2011. Suck it up and be supportive towards it. There is no room for hating in this country (not today anyways). So calm the F*** up. I live in Toronto, and this doesn't look good for him.

: What do you think of it, and where Ford stands on the situation.
: Does he deserve the Douche Bag of the Day?


  1. I think he deserves douche bag of the day, because he is mayor and he should care about what goes on in the city and should participate with the citizens. +1

  2. "Douche Bag of the Day'' nice title i wouldn't like to be honoured with :P

  3. he's prolly anti-LGBT.


  4. Eh! Douche bag of the day for sure. Followed+

  5. I'll for for "Douche Bag of the Day''

  6. wow i really have the same thoughts like you!

  7. What a dbag!