Sunday, 3 July 2011

Getting Splashed Sucks

One of every ones "pet pevs" is getting splashed with water by an on coming vehicle. I mean your walking down the side walk minding your own business, when some a**h** drives over like the biggest puddle and showers you in disgusting water. You know that that person is aware and sees it ahead, but the person does nothing to avoid it. So your wet, pissed off, and you got nothing to do but wave a finger at the direction of the driver and mouth off a bit. Then walk home drenched in water.

But not all is lost in this situation. There has been word that if an on coming vehicle drives over a puddle and splashes you in the process, that you can legally sue that person. Just copy down the licence plates and call the police (I assume), and await for your revenge (*Insert Evil Laugh Here*). But, I know that this can happen if you are a resident of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I don't know if this law applies to any other countries, cities or states. But the next time you get splashed, copy the plates down and call in and see/hear what happens. Maybe next time you see that person, he'll be in court (maybe).


  1. I don't know what the law is in other plaqces around the world but in the UK you've got to be able to prove that it was intentional. I don't think that would be an easy thing to prove in all honesty.

  2. Lol i remember me and a couple of friends did this, it wasn't on purpose though.