Friday, 1 July 2011

Men Can Improve Their Pain Tolerance Threshold

Researches at a University have studied and tested around with pain tolerance and see what can be done to improve people's threshold towards it. They researched and tested their theories and have come up with an assumption. They have tested that men can improve their pain tolerance threshold by a large margin. These researches have studied and tested two factors to which men can improve their pain threshold tolerance. The first one is swearing while you are exposed to pain physically (like in a fight for example). This has proven to work out, but it only improves your threshold for pain by a small margin, only 20 or so percent. The second solution has been tested to be the best method of all methods out there. Studies show that if ,when in a fight for example, men can visualize of a fantasy about women in a sexual manner (sorry ladies), which improves their pain threshold by an astonishing 200 per cent. So, why does thinking of "sex" help lower your pain tolerance? This is because a section of your brain where it registers pain, gets interrupted by the "sexual fantasy," thus instead of feeling pain, you feel the "lust" of getting it on with a woman. But, this got me thinking if the same can be said towards women. ""Don't Try This At Home""

Now all that can be true or not, seems researchers have a lot of time on their hands (besides curing diseases I guess) and doing things for the "Just To Keep An Open Mind On" category. I haven't been in too many fights (none actually) but this is something that would seem interesting to view from a "First Eye" perspective. But I don't recommend you going out and picking fights with random people (seriously don't).


  1. Haha That's awesome,
    I'm probably going to try this out anyways. :p

  2. This was a very interesting article. The concept initially made me think of the tale of the Incredible Hulk (though I can't remember him every using any of these tricks). However, I think I will just try to avoid pain entirely as a solution.