Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pure Evil Favourites

The talk around comics or sci-fi is "What is your favourite Superhero." That all good and well, but what about the little guys. What about the the people who make the heroes, well heroes. This is my top favourite Super Villains that I think deserve a little bit more recognition. Here's the list:

1. The Joker (DC Comics): Strange man, with the appearance that can send chills down any man's (or woman's) spine. He is a homicidal maniac that will leave a path of destruction right behind him. I like this character because of his attitude. He's got some kind of, "PRICK" or "DOUCHE" kind of element when it comes to villains.

2. Deadpool (Marvel Comics): This man can be debatable weather or not he is a villain or not. I believe he is due to the fact that he does go into combat with others for the sick pleasure, or for revenge. Other than that I feel that he deserves to be on this list. His attitude is somewhat like The Joker's which makes me love him to death.

3. Venom (Marvel Comics): What's to explain, visually he looks like an alien from another planet set out to cause pain and destruction where ever he is (or for whoever gets in his way). Super strong and super insane, this man is someone you would not like to mess with.

4. Count Dracula (Part of History): This one is different from the typical "villain" that some might think of. He is much more darker, but he has unholy powers. Super strength, super speed and the ability not to die. He is portrayed in many ways in t.v and movies, so the best one is debatable. I am not sure which I like more, but this man still deserves to be in the list.

5. Mysterio (Marvel Comics): One of my favourite anti-heroes towards spiderman. I'm really into magic and the whole illusion thing, which is why this man is my favourite. There are many other villains that use magic as their main ability, but this villain is my favourite.

6. Rhino (Marvel Comics): Brute force and power is this man's calling card. He can take down walls, doors and buildings with the simple step of a charge. This man doesn't have to sneak his way into a bank, he crushes his way into one. No man will dare to step into his way (except maybe spiderman).

7. Sub-zero (Mortal Kombat): I don't know how to explain on what this man really is. All I can say in little words is "EPIC." His ability to manipulate ice and water is iconic and amazing. Silent, but deadly.

8. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): Much like Sub-zero, description on what he is, is unknown to me. But, what he can do is unbelievable. The ability to manipulate fire is quite exquisite. As well he has that thing that comes out of his hand that really does a thing on somebodies livelihood.

9. Harley Quinn (DC Comics): The only female on this list (not being sexist). All the other ones are a bit to much on the sexy side (nothing wrong with that), and although deadly in their own way, this female of turmoil is my favourite. Pretty much the same attitude like The Joker, she can leave her own path of destruction behind her. Possibly, you can call her a "Homicidal Maniac" like the Joker.

*Note: The villains in the list are just some that I know. There are others as well out there that I haven't mentioned (and ones I don't know).

Question: Do you have a favourite villain weather it's a t.v character, or movie, or even comic book style. Is it on the list, is it not?


  1. Mysterio is one of my favorites, too, and hugely underrated.

  2. I think scorpion is the best mortal kombat character ")!

  3. Count Dracula is pretty cool, I have also seen the movie from 1993 and I loved the character!

  4. Awesome collection of villains, although i remember sub zero being the good guy in one of those MK games

  5. My favorite in the list is Sub-zero.

  6. i still love The Joker and his sinister laugh.