Wednesday, 20 July 2011

So Cute, It Kills

Messing around with the wrong animals can be dangerous for your health. When we think of deadly animals, we think of snakes, bears, sharks, alligators, and even dinosaurs (just kidding). But, what about the other animals that we think of, mostly the harmless ones to the look. This is most dangerous, yet non-threatening looking animals. Here's the list:

1. The Hippo: These cute animals have been known to kill more than crocodiles in a year, more than 200 a year precisely. These animals have been known to run/ swim 30 miles an hour and go after almost anyone. Their teeth are huge, just about the size on a bowling pin or a human arm. The mouths are so large that they can bite a person into three pieces. That's one mean game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

2. The Platypus: These little creatures are strange looking. They look like a mix of a duck and a beaver with a few other spare parts from other animals. But these little cute things can mess you up bad. They have these little fang-like thing on it's hind legs that send a lethal dose of poison. This thing can really mess someone up and leave him/her with their muscles all f*** up, and putting you in the hospital.

3. The Chimpanzee: These animals have been known to share like 99.99% of our D.N.A and have been studied to be kind and gentle animals. Bullsh***, these animals may share some physical and facial similarities, but it can get pissed off just like us. They have really big teeth and have arms that are long and can have nearly superhuman strength. If you invade their space, they will mess you up like the Monkey Mafia.

4. The Dolphin: These harmless looking water mammals are cute to the snout and are majestic looking when swimming through the water. Plus not to mention they look beautiful when they soar in the air. That is until you agitate these little pricks and they f*** you up, literally. These animals have been known to rape unsuspected people, who have been caught swimming too close to these animals. Not only that, they can kill anyone who may seem like a threat to them, weather it be a dolphin or a human. An article has said that a dolphin was admiring a woman that was swimming and noticed a man that seemed to be a threat to her and the dolphin attacked the man and killed him. Don't F*** With Flipper.

5. The Swan: These beautiful looking birds are some of the most calm looking animals that you would see. They don't seem to do any harm when looked from afar and they seem not to mind the presence of others. But get too close and you risk losing something that is of importance to you i.e. a finger, an arm or something more if the men know what I'm talking about (OUCH!!!). Their only defence is their beak-like mouth that can pack a serious punch. If you see one, walk the other way cause chances are you will be a threat to them, and they will do something about it.

There are other cute animals that are not on this list, the reason for these animals being mentioned is because they come up a lot in conversation under this topic. Much like people, harmless looking doesn't always mean not dangerous.

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  1. now I'm scared with dolphins. waaaaaaaaaah!

  2. damn i had no idea dolphins were so violent!

  3. looks indeed can be very deceiving :D

  4. nice story dude! :D
    keep it up, gonna check the post if yesterday!

  5. Nice story I thought dolphins were friendly