Tuesday, 19 July 2011

T.V Movies

Over the years, movie productions have graced us with movies that will stand the test of time. But, there are also movies out there that were made from t.v shows that we've either grown up seeing, or watched some episodes of. Todays list will be about t.v shows that were turned into movies. Here's the list:

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: This cartoon series has been the childhood for most people growing up. The show was incredible with many different characters and it's many fighting scenes, that got you in trouble for imitating. Though the movies I found to be pretty good. The show produced four different movies which were good in my opinion (others might differ) and I think should be at least brought to attention when picking out a movie to see. I mean why not have a laugh or two.

2. Saturday Night Live: Yes Saturday Night Live, but not the show itself. There were two sketches that they had that had been made into movies and have done really well for themselves. These sketches that I'm talking about are The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World, two 90's classics. Each produced two of it's own movies (Wayne's World 1 and 2, The Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000), which I think are some of the classic parody movies out there.

3. Pokemon: The show, incredible. The movies, even more incredible. The t.v series was doing very well for itself, which produced a huge following which lead to multiple seasons being made of the show. In total, I've counted that there were about 12 different movies made based on the t.v series. But my favourite would have to be the first movie; Pokemon: The First Movie.

4. Mr.Bean: The show was a comedic classic, it had a middle age man (who did not speak for some reason) go out on adventures that he did not plan on having in the first place. It's what some would say as "Comedic Gold." The show was so popular, that whoever was making the episodes, had an idea to make Mr.Bean into a movie. There were two movies produced and they were pretty good to start with. The story lines were different compared to the show, but it held it's own and turned out to be pretty good movies.

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Do I need to explain how epic the show was. The first power rangers was the best show to see in the 90's with out a doubt. I recommend you see the show and see what you think. Anyways, just like the rest, they turned this classic show into a full length movie and it was pretty cool. It was pretty much like the show in the sense that there was an evil villain behind the turmoil that had to be defeated, and it was up to the power rangers to defeat him and save the world (or city). The movie was memorable and had its moments.

6. Jackass: A generation had just changed how they would watch television forever. When the Jackass crew came on the scene, their antics of stunts and pranks, filled the minds of a generation of kids. Their movies were essentially the same as the show on the basic ideas. The only difference was that the stunts were bigger, and the pranks were crueler. They managed to make three very funny movies at the expense of their bodies, for the entertainment of others. I think the reason why the movies did so well, was because in television land, there are more restrictions with what you can and cannot do. In the movie world, they're aren't as many restrictions as you would think. So Jackass had more freedom to do what they wanted.

7. Hey Arnold: This funny little cartoon was a classic old time cartoon that was enjoyed by kids like me, way back in the 90's or so. The movie that came out of it wasn't like some big budget movie, it was small and pretty much like the show. Simple is sometimes the best way to go, change too much of it, and you screw the whole thing up.

8. Spiderman: Although some might debate that it was the comic book first, then the movies, there was actually a cartoon series of spiderman that was as old as your parents. The show was pretty good, going along mostly from the comic book. Only until then, did we see the movies that came out today. The movies were great and kept us wanting more (to some at least). Sure they had some negative reviews, they are some good benefits to watching these movies. Although the complaint is that the movies don't follow the comic book at all, they are still some pretty cool movies to watch. I recommend you see some to see what I mean.

There are many more shows that were turned into movies out there, these are just some of my favourites that I enjoy watching, and maybe you seen these as well.

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  2. oh mr. bean, rowan atkinson's greatest performance ever. :D

  3. You are always posting stuff that bring back memories and make me wanna watch them again! ") This is awesome!

  4. An excellent list and very well-written/thought out. A treat. Thanks!

  5. Hey Arnold... I just watched the episode where him and his grandma rescued the turtle XD