Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Villain of the Day

Today's "of the Day" is a special one to all comic nerds out there. This is the "Villain of the Day," which goes to the comic/cartoon/ movie character "The Joker". As such, this crazy sadistic man of infamy is quite possibly, and quite debatable, "THE" Batman Villain of all time. His antics will kill any one who dares step in his way, and his humor will leave a trail of disaster across any city he may pass through. I mean, just look at Gotham City and what it has become due to the Jokers behaviour.

The creators of this iconic man of evil, were Bill Finger and Bob Kane with concept help by Jerry Robinson. This character can be seen across many different publications of Batman comics by DC Comics. The Joker's first appearance in the Batman comics can actually be seen in Batman #1 which was published in 1940 (that is way before any of us were born). Since then, this man of insanity has appeared in numerous Batman type movies, comics, and t.v shows.

As long as the Sun goes up and the Moon goes down, the Joker will forever be one of the greatest villians to a superhero ever.

Question: Should Joker really be "Villian of the Day" or should that prize title be named to someone else. What was your favourite comic/ t.v/ movie villian of all time. Personally, my favourite is the Joker.


  1. The Joker is THE classic villian. In the Dark Knight he really screamed villian

  2. The Joker should win this title.. he's such a memorable villain for the terror and chaos he causes

  3. The joker the best villain out there.

  4. Heath Ledger's The Joker indeed is the best villain, seconded by Jack Nicholson's