Thursday, 21 July 2011

World Wide Beaches

Oh how the whether sucks. I don't mean that it's too cold, but it's too f*** hot. In Toronto right now, the whether is almost or at 40 degrees C and it's a scorcher. I don't mind the hot whether, the thing that sucks is that when I start sweating, I won't stop. I drip more sweat than a faucet drips water. But enough of me grossing you all out, it's way to hot now.

The whether inspired me to to do a top best beaches to go to in the world. I finished reading this article and according to them, these are the best beaches to go to in 2011. I recommend you look them up and see what you think, it might make a nice little trip for the summer. Here's the list:

1. Beach: Anse Lazio
    Location: Seychelles

2. Beach: Sanur Beach
    Location: Bali

3. Beach: Hahei Beach
    Location: New Zealand

4. Beach: Ka'anapali
    Location: Maui, Hawaii

5. Beach: Cas Abao Beach
    Location: Curacao

6. Beach: Coronado Beach
    Location: San Diego, California

7. Beach: Santa Marta
    Location: Colombia

8. Beach: Santa Rosa Beach
    Location: Florida

9. Beach: Playa Norte
    Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

10. Beach: Monterrico
      Location: Guatemala

Do you like the beaches in the list?
Do you know a better beach?
Let me know in the comments.



  1. I liked them. I know that Brazil have some nice beaches too.

  2. How about posting beaches from over in Cali "]

  3. I've always wanted to visit Seychelles, since the day i listened to a greek song saying '' Let's go crazy in Seychelles '' when you translate that in greek it rhymes