Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Toronto Comic Con

On April 14th 2012, Wizard World Comic Con came to Toronto and I got my ticket ready for what could be the best experience I had in a long time. I attended the convention with a couple of my friends, and let me tell you, it was EPIC!!!! I saw many cool things there both comic book related, movie related and other kinds of nerdy related things. People had some good costumes and the energy was ecstatic. My friends and I explored the whole hall forwards and backwards multiple times, to the point that our legs and feet started to fell numb. We saw many famous people like Toronto's own Edge the WWE superstar. All was good, but what I got gave the enjoyment worth the while. The stuff I picked up included:

-Batman: Golden Age action figure
-Batman belt buckle
-Detective Comics: Batman #666
-Detective Comics: Batman Year One 1995 Annual #8
-Batman #475: The Return of Scarface Part One
-Detective Comics: Batman #642: The Return of Scarface Part Two
-Detective Comics #27 (Reprint)
-The Amazing Spider-man #334: The Return of the Sinister Six part one
-The Amazing Spider-man #335: The Return of the Sinister Six part two
-Spider-man #6: Masques part one
-Spider-man #7: Masques part two

In all, I had an awesome time with my friends, saw many things and hoping to go back next year. Until next post, See Ya and "Live the Epic"

What was your favourite place this year?
Whats your favourite Comic Book or Novel or Book?

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  1. oww i never knew there was a comic con in Toronto, i went to the one in London!